Tuition Fees / Assistance

Fees and Tuition Assistance

Rates are set each Winter for the following year. The tuition and fees for the 2020-2021 school year are as follows: 
*ACH withdrawal Payments
Grade  Annual Tuition 10 Monthly Payments    Semi Annual
 K-Readiness        $250/month   (9 months)  
Kindergarten           $6050           $605.00           $3025.00
First-Fifth           $6850           $685.00           $3425.00
Sixth-Eighth           $7500           $750.00           $3750.00
*Credit Card Payments
Grade   Annual Tuition        10 Monthly Payments    Semi Annual
 K-Readiness           $280/month (9 months)  
Kindergarten           $6350           $635.00           $3175.00
First-Fifth           $7150           $710.50           $3575.00
Sixth-Eighth           $7800           $780.00           $3900.00
Note: Payment method must be selected for the entire year. i.e. ACH w/drawal payers may not pay by credit card at any time or the discount is forfeited and the tuition rate reverts to the regular, credit card tuition.
An application fee of $50 per student ($100 per family) and a $50 assessment fee per student is due upon submission of the admission application.
An enrollment fee of $400 (non-refundable) per student secures your child’s space and is then applied to the annual tuition amount. All school supplies are included. Bus riders $100 deposit is required per student.
A discount of 15% for 3 students, and 20% for 4 students, 25% for 5 or more students will apply to all students currently enrolled who are members of one family. No discounts for Arrowsmith program.
Tuition can either be paid in full by August 1st, pro-rated in ten equal payments from August 1st through May 1st or semi-annual payments paid on August 1st and January 1st.
Tuition Assistance
Ambleside is delighted to offer several tuition assistance options. Families interested in Ambleside must contact the school office for more information or to apply, 970.930.1804. 
1. Alliance for Choice in Education (ACE):  The mission of the ACE Scholarship Fund is to have a direct impact in the lives of Colorado's low-income children through the promotion of an accountable and competitive education marketplace that fosters effective private and public schools. ACE Scholarships are available to families who live in Colorado and qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Hot Lunch Program guidelines.  For more information contact Mrs. Wenger in the school office 970.930.1804.

2. Ambleside School Board Scholarships — Applicants may apply for a Board Scholarship. The School Board solicits charitable donations from individuals and organizations whose generous support provides funding for these scholarships. Ambleside School at Skylark use of School and Student Services to help us evaluate requests for financial aid. Families interested in applying should create an account on the SSS portal and submit all required documentation. Please keep in mind that no decisions regarding Board Scholarships are made until the admission process is complete and the child has been accepted for enrollment in the school. Availability of board scholarships is limited and is based on financial need.