K-Readiness Program
Ambleside's pre-kindergarten program resembles formal and informal times at home. It's that year of preparation for Kindergarten and is offered for students 4.5 and up. It offers opportunities for independent and group play, practical life, and seasonal art and readings. The classroom environment allows places for children to sprawl out with blocks and books and worthy play materials as well as accommodates formal instruction in writing, painting, and drawing. We also provide a peaceful space for quiet rest. 

Young children are nurtured through the relationships of teacher, text, self, and others. There are many "firsts" for them, and it is our unique privilege to lead, direct, and guide them in proper relationships with all of life. As we introduce text, number, nature, letter, poem, paint, and pencil, we take into account that children can flourish as they use these distinct mediums to communicate ideas and expressions in an atmosphere of focused attention, clear instruction, and joy. 

Ambleside's K-ready program is both full time or part time depending on the needs of the family. The tuition rates can be found under the tuition tab in the admission section. Please email our admissions team at admissions@theskylarkschool.org for more information about our programs.