Why Skylark?

Skylark in Flight

Percy Shelley wrote the poem To a Skylark. Throughout the poem he speaks of the surprising and delightful ability of the little brown bird to soar higher and higher into the sky. What astonishes the poet is when at the pinnacle of its flight, the Skylark burst into a song louder than the poet ever expects. Likewise, ornithologists group brown-colored birds into the category of “little brown jobbies” because they are so common and unremarkable, like all the other brown birds. Oftentimes we view children in the same manner. One group of young boys and girls look very much like another. Different in some ways, alike in many. At Ambleside, just as the poet discovers the uniqueness of a common brown bird,  we regard each child for who they are, “uniquely and wonderfully made,” and when we take away the obstacles in front of them and remove the ‘labels’ we afford them, they too soar with an unexpected joy for learning, serving others, and living life well.