Distance Learning Update April 26th

Distance Learning Update

Dear Parents,

Thank you for stopping by last week during my Zoom call. If you were unable to join, please mark your calendar for Thursday, April 30th from 3-4pm and and say hello or ask me questions about the remaining school year.

While we patiently wait for an update from the district, our plan of action is to continue distance learning. I am pleased to hear from many parents and teachers how well you and your child(ren) are adjusting and developing routines throughout the week to keep your days smoother and easier. Our goal is to be back in the classroom with your children as soon as we are able.

Many thanks to our teachers who meet with me regularly to pray, discuss and prepare lessons to engage your child(ren)'s minds. Most of all, think on the important life skills you and your children are learning together. Make a list as a family, hang it up somewhere where everyone can see it, refer to it often and keep it as a reminder so when the time arrives to assimilate back into society, you do not forget. This quote prompted me and my family to do this very exercise this weekend:

“In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.” —Dave Hollis

I encourage you to continue to reach out to our team of teachers and me for support and inspiration. The staff is so grateful for your partnership!

Keep up the great work you are doing at home with your children, school work and with living life!

Mrs. Wenger ,
Head of School